Visual artist and Cultural facilitator.

I do watercolor painting, acrylic painting and oil painting and often also drawings.

To paint and to play with colors and the atmosphere gives me great pleasure.

The Nordic light is my greatest inspiration.

My observations in the nature is in my pictures reduced to a simple imagery of shapes, colors and surfaces which moves between figuration and abstraction.

The pictures appear as unification of my experience, a densification of the moods and emotions. Watercolor painting does not look like photographs but have the light in common with the photographs, but not the time aspect, space and perspective.

The present watercolor painting is, besides being on surfaces, draft of other forms of perception of time and space, which will hopefully come closer to the truth.

Dynamics and motion gives the images a spontaneous expression.

I am often inspired by natural impressions and recognizable natural elements, which goes back in my expressive paintings. The Nordic nature is my big inspiration, its color and the dramatic game, between light and darkness is characteristic of my idiom. Art is not just a question of being able to paint something pretty and successful, it is essentially located in the crossing of the great taste.

Watercolor painting is closest to my heart.

Water is the emotional element, and watercolor painting has therefore the potential that it can convey content on a sensitive and immediate manner.

Watercolor painting has all the qualities that dreams are made of. Therefore, a small watercolor image can seem so big and strong to us, who look at it.

Watercolor is the product that provides the ability to work quickly and spontaneously.

have in relation to my study trips to Svalbard published the book: "SVALBARD, DE LYSE NÆTTERS POESI, AKVARELLER OG FOTOS".